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Artifact CodeTitleDescription Weaving sample made by Sharon Hope in her 1953 Grade 2 class. Normal School 1921-22Photo of the 1921/1922 Normal School class. Stitching sample by Helen Smith.
1.****.eng.345 Treasure IslandTreasure Island.
1.1926.eng.346 Little Folk's Canadian Stories: The Little Brown Hen and The Old Seed-manBooklet contains two short stories. (The Little Brown Hen and the Old Seed-Man). Belonged to M. Campbell
1.1926.eng.347 Little Folk's Canadian Stories: The Patchwork Quilt and The Other OneBooklet contains two short stories. (The Patchwork Quilt and The Other One). Belonged to M. Campbell
1.1926.eng.348 Little Folk's Canadian Stories: Grandma's Party and TeddyBooklet contains two short stories. (Grandma's Party and Teddy). Belonged to M. Campbell
1.1922.eng.349 Word and Sentence Drills for Gregg ShorthandVarious drills in a booklet for practicing shorthand. Includes words to instructors as well as words to students. Belonged to Maude Aitkens
1.1918.eng.350 What Katy Did at SchoolNovel belonging to Maude Aitkens in 1918. Dauphin Normal School Class, 1925/261925/26 Dauphin Normal School photo. Colouring BookLooseleaf papers from a colouring book. Belonged to Maude (Aitkens) Hope.
1.1893.ghs.355 British Columbia Public Schools Roll of HonourBC Public Schools Roll of Honor certificate for Dilbert Whittaker from The Central Branch School. Awarded for General Proficiency on June 22, 1893.
1.****.gelem.356 Public Schools of British Columbia High School Entrance CertificateHigh School entrance certificate of Bertram Cherrington. (Photocopy) Make a Habit of SafetyTextbook cover. Register of PupilsBlank class register with sections for attendance and contact info. Toothbrush Drill and Handkerchief DrillToothbrush Drill and Handkerchief Drill
1.1928.exrepor.360 British Columbia Education Department Inspection of Schools1928/29 Teacher Evaluation New Art Education Book FourArt Education book contains various definitions of art and also has suggested activities. Used at George Jay School.
1.****.art.362 Let Yourself Sew with Simplicity - The only complete sewing book for teensSewing magazine for teenagers.
1.1973.eng.363 Practice Strategies for Something To RememberElementary English workbook.
1.1988.exrepor.364 "Royal Comission on Education - A Legacy for Learners: Summary of Findings, 1988. "Provincial Commission on Education Members' Guide to the BCTF 1988/89BCTF rules and regulations as well as benefits and procedures. Mathematics We Use - Book OneMath textbook. For use in Manitoba, Sask, and Alberta. The Holy BibleBeautiful translated Holy Bible given to the Victoria Normal School by the Students of Class 1939-1940. It is illustrated and has a leather cover.
1.1915.eng.368 Rebecca of Sunnybrook FarmNovel.
1.1908.eng.369 Anne of Green GablesNovel belonging to Maude Aitkens.
1.****.eng.370 EmmaNovel belonging to Birdie Estheir. Published by London: Richard Edward King 106, 108, 110 Tabernacle Street, E.C.
1.1918.eng.371 What Katy Did NextNovel belonging to Maude Aitkens in 1918.
1.****.eng.372 O Little Town of BethlehemO Little Town of Bethlehem. Belonged to Miss Hattie Blackenback.
1.1864.eng.373 Flora and Eveline or Leaves from the Book of NatureNovel.
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