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Artifact CodeTitleDescription
 66.1996-1998.gelem.1769 Gifted Test Evaluations.Test results and evaluations of various children enrolled in gifted programs in Victoria elementary schools.
66.****.th.1761 UNICEF Halloween Donation BoxUNICEF Halloween donation box.
 66.1970.mus.1762 Shapes & Up And DownSesame Street book and accompanying record.
66.1982.gelem.1763 Otis-Lennon School Ability TestMultiple choice test to mesaure abstract thinking and reasoning ability.
66.****.ghs.1764 BrainstormingHandout describing brainstorming techniques.
66.1980.gelem.1768 Group Inventory for Finding TalentYes or no questions to determine the talents and interests of children in grades K-2. The Williams Scale and Exercise in Divergent ThinkingA parent and teacher rating scale of childrens divergent thinking and feeling related to creativity. Attached is an exercise in divergent thinking.
67.****.ghs.1770 Photograph of Colin McKenziePhotograph of Colin McKenzie. He was British Columbia's second superintendent from 1878 to 1884
67.****.ghs.1771 Photograph of Steven PopePhotograph of Stephen Pope. He was British Columbia's superintendemt from 1884 to 1899.
67.1878.ghs.1772 Photograph of John JessopPhotograph of John Jessop. He was British Columbia's first superintendent from 1872 to 1878.
67.1899-1915.gelem.1773 Photographs of Schools 1899-1915Photographs of Anniedale School, Kensington School, Surrey Centre School.
67.1952.gelem.1774 Shool near 150 mile housePhotograph of a school near 150 mile house.
67.1953.ghs.1775 Vernon High SchoolPhotograph of Vernon High School
67.1953.ghs.1776 Monte Lake SchoolPhotograph of Monte Lake School
67.****.ghs.1777 Rutland High SchoolPhotograph of Rutland High School
67.****.ghs.1778 Vernon Junior High SchoolPhotograph of Vernon Junior High School
67.****.*.1779 PhotographPhotograph
67.****.*.1780 PhotographPhotograph
67.****.*.1781 Photograph of S.J. WillisPhotograph of S.J. Willis
67.****.*.1782 Photograph of Tilly Jean Rolston. Photograph of Tilly Jean Rolson. She was appointed Minister of Education in 1952.
67.****.*.1783 PhotographPhotograph
67.****.*.1784 Photograph of Francis FaireyPhotograph of Francis Fairey
67.****.*.1785 Photograph of Francis FaireyPhotograph of Francis Fairey
67.****.*.1786 Photograph of Francis FaireyPhotograph of Francis Fairey
67.****.*.1787 Photograph of S.J. WillisPhotograph of S.J. Willis
67.****.*.1788 PhotographsVarious photographs Normal School 1938Photo of the 1938 Normal School class.
67.****.*.1789 iMaciMac Computer
 67.****.*.1790 BCTF signTaking A Stand For Public Education. BCTF is the British Columbia Teachers' Federation
 67.****.eng.1791 Language MasterLanguage Master
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