About the Education History Museum

The Education History Museum is a collaborative venture between the University of Victoria (UVic), Faculty of Education (contact: Dr. Helen Raptis) and the Lower Vancouver Island Retired Teachers (LVIRT; current heritage chair: Mr. Brian Whitmore) that began in 2005.

In 2005, Helen Raptis contacted Judi Warrington in the hopes of bringing retired teachers' skills and knowledge into UVic's History of Education classes. When Judi explained that she had dozens of boxes of artifacts donated by former teachers, the idea for The Education History Museum was born. The concept appealed to UVic's Education Dean, Dr. Ted Riecken, who arranged for a display cabinet to be installed in the MacLaurin building. Judi and Patrick Warrington transported 58 boxes of materials to the University which constitute a rotating, theme-based display in the main hall of the MacLaurin building. Teachers continue to donate artifacts and the collection now includes 65 full boxes consisting of 1709 artifacts. Approximately one quarter of the artifacts have been digitized to appear for the website.

Support (both financial and in-kind) has been kindly received from: The British Columbia Retired Teachers Association (BC RTA); the EMC Corporation; Greater Victoria School District (#61); The Hudson Bay Company History Foundation; the Lower Vancouver Island Retired Teachers (LVIRT); and the University of Victoria, Faculty of Education.

We gratefully acknowledge people who have volunteered their time for the project (Zoe Clement, Marissa Lousier, Sherri Robb, Caren Willms, and William Zuk), our student assistants (Samantha Bowker, Kim Campbell, Eve Chapple, Andrea Roszmann), and our webmaster (Ed Wiebe).

Special thanks to the teachers who generously donated their materials:

  • Muriel Jarvis Ackinclose
  • Lyle Acton
  • Gladys Anderson
  • Frances Ashwell
  • William J. Ashwell
  • Tom Baldwin
  • Marian Brackenridge
  • Vincenza Wendy Cameron
  • Earl Cherrington
  • Irene Cockayne
  • Zoe M. Dhur
  • Lillian Evans
  • Brad Franklin
  • Wendy Franklin
  • John Harasin
  • Sharon Hope
  • Marjorie King
  • Margaret N.G. MacKenzie
  • Marlene Morrison
  • Dene Pierce
  • Sue Pribilsky
  • Al Robertson
  • Donna Rogowski
  • Elaine (LeRose) Shirley
  • Elaine Sigurdson
  • Laurie Simpson
  • Lorena Taylor
  • Hilda (Telefson) Voth
  • Judi (Carter) (Cherrington) Warrington
  • Rob Watson
  • Elsbeth Yada
  • Joan Young