Audio Recordings and Transcripts

Wartime Teaching in BC

This group of interviews are part of a project on teaching in BC during the time of World War II (1939-1945).

Name Audio File (mp3)Transcript
Amy Dauphinee, 1 A T
Amy Dauphinee, 2 A
Amy Dauphinee, 3 A
Bernice Lambert A T
Celia Dowding, 1 A T
Celia Dowding, 2 A T
Dante Lenardon A T
Doreen Guillame A T
Dorothy Mark A T
Edna Nash A T
Faye Eccleston A T
Gwen Miller A T
Hazel Harrower A T
Joan Montieth A T
Margaret Long A T
Marion Acedo A T
Marjorie King A T
May Brown A T
Nancy Constable, 1 A T
Nancy Constable, 2 A T
Ralph Burton A T
Reta McGovern, 1 A T
Reta McGovern, 2 A

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