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Artifact CodeTitleDescription
1.1919.eng.374 Jungle Tales of TarzanBook belonging to Maude Aitkens after Mac Dunnett and Hugh Summerhill.
1.****.scsup.375 Ink Well.
1.****.eng.376 Alice's Adventures in WonderlandNovel of Alice in Wonderland. Published by Henry Altemus Company in Philadelphia
1.1881.eng.377 Fairy Stories with a PurposeNovel given as a gift in 1881. Illustrated
1.1897.eng.378 Lambs' Tales from ShakespeareAssortment of Shakespearean plays. Book owned by Maude Aitkens
1.1916.eng.379 Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found ThereNovel belonged to Alice Maude Aitkens and is illustrated
1.1915.eng.380 Five Little BirdiesNovel belonged to Maude Aitkens and Hettie Blankenback. Illustruated.
2.****.eng.274 ?Nursery rhymes and short poems.
2.****.art.275 Two paint boxes, brushes, and paint scrubber
2.1933.eng.276 The Canadian Readers - Book IIIBook contains various stories, songs and poems including the Canadian national anthem. Published in 1933. "Authorized for use in the public schools of ..." Manitoba, Sask, Alberta and BC.
2.1933.eng.277 The Canadian Readers - Book IVBook contains various stories, songs and poems. Published in 1933. ""Authorized for use in the public schools of ..." BC, Alb, Sask, NB and PEI. Belonged to Cicely Charters in Grade 4.
2.1933.eng.278 The Canadian Readers - Book IIBook contains various stories, songs and poems. Published in 1933. ""Authorized for use in the public schools of..." Manitoba, Sask, Lewis Planes.
 2.****.eng.279 Everyday Canadian First ReaderBook contains a letter to the teacher and stories and songs as well as exercises. Begins with a pledge to Canada. Book was used in the Sooke Superior School.
2.1912.eng.280 "The Progressive Road to Reading, Book Two"Book contains various short stories. Belonged to the Sooke Superior School. A Student Record Book from the Summer School of Education for 1936, A report card for Summer School of Education in 1952, and a Victoria College Statement of Marks for 1958. All belong to William H. J. Ashwell.
2.****.eng.283 We Look and SeeA book containing multiple stories using basic vocabulary. Also contains a note to the teacher, and vocabulary lists.
2.1960.exrepor.286 A Precis of the Report of the Royal Commissions on Education in British ColumbiaBook contains sections on curriculum, aims, enrolments, supervision, special schools, class size, transportation, teacher qualifications and salaries, teacher training etc.
2.1922.eng.289 KidnappedNovel. Includes a description of Latin phrases.
2.1912.eng.290 Tennyson's Idylls of the KingPoetry book belonging to Maude Aitkens, Division 2, Room 10.
2.1926.eng.291 Gregg ShorthandBook contains lessons and examples of shorthand writing. Belonged to Maude Aitkens.
 2.2001.eng.294 Fairy Tales and Christmas Stories (and a few other things)Book contains poems and stories written by Ted (Edward I.) Gaskell. No. 1 Teacher's Daily Plan and Record BookDay-planner and photo of Eleanor Grant. Write up about her one-room school house. Includes lesson plans, lates, absentees, homework, etc.
2.1955.eng.297 Reading Ideas 1955Book of exercises and activities for teaching reading.
 2.1941.eng.298 Practice Steps in English Book TwoBook of exercises for teaching English.
2.1938.eng.299 Eye and Ear Fun For developing independence in word recognition - Book 3Book of word recognition exercises.
2.1896.eng.300 Little Bo PeepBook of Little Bo Peep story and exercises.
2.1940.ghs.301 "Province of British Columbia - Department of Education - High School Examination Papers - University Entrance, June and August 1940."Test booklet for university entrance. June and August 1940 version. Includes all academic topics and provides examples of the questions then asks the questions. Book is blank. Used for admission to Uvic. Standard Mathematical ServicesPackage of test questions with cut-out spaces below to answer the questions. Given to Uvic Professor Thomas Fleming by a student.
2.1920.scsup.303 Slate used by Maude Hope in the 1920s.
3.****.scsup.381 Slide previewer and machine.
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